Meal Menu

Our cuisine represents a delicious fusion between Asia and Europe, indulgent and delightful, it is sure to satisfy even the most discerning critics.

Last updated: December 6, 2023


Cold starters

  • Signature Lo Hei salad 28

    Shanghai Signature Salad: A composition of eighteen ingredients with homemade dressing.

  • Fresh Oysters on ice 36

    A dozen of the season's oysters

  • Tuna tartare 22

    Crispy Rice, Tuna Tartare mixed with Tobiko, Mujjol Caviar, Chives, Aioli Sauce.

  • Tuna tataki 24

    Tuna marinated with sesame oil, red onion, mango, fried onion. Homemade sweet yuzu-onion sauce

  • Salmon tataki 24

    Salmon marinated with sesame oil, red onion, mango, fried onion. Homemade sweet yuzu-onion sauce

  • Beef tataki 22

    AAA beef marinated with sesame oil, fried onion. Homemade sweet yuzu-onion sauce

Hot starters

  • Golden Duck rolls 16

    Two rolls of minced duck in Boston lettuce. Homemade fish sauce

  • Fried calamari 19

    Crispy calamari. Aioli mayo sauce

  • Wagyu gyoza 26

    Pan-fried Wagyu gyoza. Homemade oroshi radish sauce

  • Spicy dumpling 20

    Shrimp dumplings. Homemade spicy oil

Our signature makis

  • Aspada dragon 26

    Salmon, grilled asparagus, caviar, all encased in breaded tempura. Sauces: spicy aioli, teriyaki, sriracha.

  • Royal lobster 32

    Lobster, avocado, truffle, caviar, 24K gold flakes with spicy aioli sauce. Modena balsamic and teriyaki

  • Wagyu prestige 38

    Wagyu, foie gras, tempura shrimp, avocado. Soy sauce and homemade truffle oil

  • Crab with truffle butter 24

    Snow crab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, mango, caviar with spicy aioli sauce. Truffle butter sauce

  • Teriyaki scallop 28

    Torched scallop, caviar, tamago, itokasuo, avocado, tempura flakes with spicy aioli and teriyaki sauce.

  • Exotic garden 22

    Mango, avocado, cucumber, sesame, red bell pepper, mint. Homemade sweet yuzu-onion sauce

We share

  • Grilled Salmon 36

    Grilled salmon steak served with asperagus and carrot with a house creamy sauce

  • Ribeye steak 68

    20oz AAA Grilled Ribeye Steak with our homemade spices, chimichurri sauce, and house golden garlic.

  • Truffled udon noodle with Shrimps 36

    Truffled udon asian style served with oyster mushroom and bok choy with 3 tiger shrimps.

  • Peppered beef cubes 34

    AAA beef cubes, bell peppers, mushrooms. Homemade pepper sauce

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